Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

was responsible for at least 113,538 sewage overflows in 2023
On average 311.1 times a day

These lasted for 971,403 hours (That's 112.43 years!) - in 1,982 different locations across their service area

2023 - By Water Company

How does each water company compare? These are the totals by company for each. The totals are really high, counting things in hours doesn't make it very easy to think about. Here we show how many years of continuous sewage dumps happened in a single year, by water company.

2023 - Asset Spill Duration Comparison

It isn't like there are just a few outliers... the problem exists across the entire estate of water assets. Here we show a 'cumulative frequency diagram' - where the number of CSOs that dumped sewage for a time, or longer, is shown. You can see that many CSOs dumped sewage into a river for months and months.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water is highlighted in the plot below

2023 - Worst Locations Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

1. CSO at Llanbrynmair STW Llanbrynmair

Montgomeryshire polluted for 5,811 hours, into River Laen

291 incidents

That's 8.07 months.

5.6 times a week, on average

2. Pwllmeyric SPS (CSO)

Monmouth polluted for 5,755 hours, into Mounton Brook

262 incidents

That's 7.99 months.

5 times a week, on average


Ogmore polluted for 5,344 hours, into River Garw

271 incidents

That's 7.42 months.

5.2 times a week, on average


Ceredigion polluted for 5,012 hours, into Nant Cledlyn

353 incidents

That's 6.96 months.

6.8 times a week, on average

5. Abererch WwTW Storm Overflow

Dwyfor Meirionnydd polluted for 4,697 hours, into River Erch

238 incidents

That's 6.52 months.

4.6 times a week, on average

6. Capel Curig Sd.Scheme CSO

Aberconwy polluted for 4,677 hours, into River Llugwy

237 incidents

That's 6.5 months.

4.6 times a week, on average

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